Who’s Who in the World, from 1986.  

Who’s Who of American Women, from 1983.

Distinguished Americans for
Contribution to the Arts, 1986.
Award for Leadership in the Arts,
Cambridge, England, 1988.
2000 Notable American Women,
1988, 1993.
Columbus Museum of Art.
Art Modern, Paris, France.
Kunsthius, Oosten, Holland.
Columbia University.
Mattatuck Museum.
Aldrich Museum of
Contemporary Art.
Military Museum of Southern CT.
Citicorp Collections.
Dupont Collections.
Rockefeller Collections.
International Paper Collection.
New York Historical Society.
Connecticut Public Broadcasting.
Fletcher Collection, London, England.
Hubbard Broadcasting, St.Paul, MN.
Government House, U.S.V.I.
Collection Francophilie, Paris, France.
von Liebig Art Center, Permanent
Collection, Naples, FL.
AWC Gallery, Geneva,
Switzerland, 1986.
Gallery Argentine, Villars,
Switzerland, 1989.
Arts Populaires, Geneva,
Switzerland, 1990.
Pissarro Gallery,
U.S.Virgin Islands, 1991.
Retrospective, Stowe, England, 1992.
Mattatuck Museum, CT, 1993.
Tavern on the Green, NewYork, 1993.
Columbia University, New York, 1994.
Provence with Julia Child, Westport,
CT, 1994.
Galerie Erlecke, St.Paul, France, 1994.
Centro Cuturale, Rome, Italy, 1995.
Marin-Price Galleries, Washington
DC, 1996.
Northridge Gallery, Ridgefield, CT,
1997, 1998, 1999.
Visions Francophones, Paris,
France, 2000.
Ariel Fine Arts, New York, 2001, 2002.
Vogel Gallery, Le Monde Fou, CT, 2002.
Paris, Capital des Arts,
Paris, France, 2002.
Galerie des Epoques, Montreal,
Canada, 2003.
Insider Art, New York, 2004.
Galerie Je Reviens, Westport, CT 2005.
Paradigm Fine Arts, Taos, NM, 2005.
Aldrich Museum of Contemporary
Art, CT, 2006.
Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris,
France, 2006.
Museum of Modern Art, Liege,
Belgium, 2006.
Gallery 1000, Carmel, CA, 2008.
DeBruyne Fine Arts,
Naples, FL, 2011, 2012.
Institut Europeen des Arts, Paris,
France, 2012.
Pissarro Gallery,
U.S.Virgin Islands, 2015.
Rose Gallery Fine Art, Hudson,
NY, 2015.

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